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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The pain, the panic

Of parenthood.

My dear sweet little Spud, my baby boy, came into this world seemingly determined to leave it - and perhaps to take me with him.

His latest exploit involved his climbing. I spend half my day dashing across the room to pluck him off something. He climbs with the speed and agility of a monkey. Not a big, clumsy chimp, either. Like a spider monkey.

We were all Right There. Handsome was at the computer, I turned to him to tell him something, Punkin was right next to me and Spud was next to her, playing on the floor. When I turned back, he was standing on the arm of the chair. He looked at me and smiled and reached for the playpen...
I screamed his name and leaped as he fell ...
Punkin screamed too, and ran towards him and out of my way..

He fell like a tree falling, right onto his back. He looked at me as he lay there, as I went to scoop him up. His tiny face worked and he let out a scream into my hair ... and the breath just kept coming out of him...
...and he didn't take another one...
...and I held him away from me to see him and yelled for him to breath ...
...and his eyes rolled back in his head and he went limp...
and took a deep breath.
His eyes opened and instead of screaming again he sobbed and whimpered and clung to me.

The EMT said he's fine. No concussion, not even a bump. He seems to have just knocked the wind out of himself. His pupils reacted fine right away and 20 minutes later he was eating peanut butter off a spoon (his favorite way to have it). He was laughing and playing with things and displaying fine motor function.

We were up every 20 minutes all night checking his pupils and looking for signs of anything wrong.

He was up bright eyed and bushy tailed this morning and ate a massive breakfast of cereal, corned beef hash and V8 juice. He's been playing with his toys and laughing and laughing at how I jump if he goes anywhere near a chair. He'll get close to one and turn and look and see me watching him and sit on the floor and laugh, and laugh. He's doing great.

I am destroyed.
We are keeping him under a very careful watch for the next 2 days just to be safe and when it is done I am going to have a nice bout of hysterics and then sleep.

I hope one day when he's a big strong grown-up man he has a kid just like him.
I just wish that when Handsome's mother laid that curse on him she could have done it without punishing me as well.


  1. Oh! This brings back memories! My 6 yo DD had a WEAK Vasal Vagal nerve when she was younger. If she got the least bit upset she would pass out! Tripping over a toy would cause her to pass out! Standing up and hitting her head on the table...pass out! Sometimes 3 times a day!! Can we say STRESSFUL??? Every time she would cry the whole house would literally STOP and watch to make sure she was breathing!! We had to call 911 one time it was so bad! Thankfully the EMT and the ER doc's child each had the same thing happen with one of their children....what are that chances?? So they knew right away what had happened. The ER doc's only advice was "She will grow out of it in three or four years!" She was ONE!!!
    Thankfully baby girl does not have Vasal Vagal...she just has a WEAK gag reflex! So if she cries to much she will throw up! And when she was first eating solid foods she would gag a LOT!! UGH! Nothing like watching your baby choke every other meal! She is two so she is still in the gagging and throwing up stage! Sigh....

  2. Oh, you poor thing. My grandmother (who also had 6 btw) said to me "Some children are easy and some make you feel mortal"
    I didn't understand until I had my son - 3 months premature and now that he's mobile, with apparently no regard for his life or limbs.
    I had to interrupt typing this to snatch him off the chair.