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Thursday, March 10, 2011

I Lost it!

I actually lost our old blog.
Our computer bit the dust and took our old blog and website with it. Hopefully I have this one better preserved in case of Epic Computer Meltdown.

But in all other ways life has gone on here at Arrows Flight Farm. Punkin and Spud are growing by leaps and bounds. Spud is finally decided walking may in fact be a feasible mode of travel and he'll give it a whirl. Apparently he has seen how it will aid him on his quest to give me gray hair.

Punkin seems to have decided we are not filling the farm fast enough and her 4H year will see pigs, a steer and 25 more chickens on the place, in addition to our newest residents, Coturnix quail and a breeding pair of Muscovey ducks, Duke and Cornelia.
Our other critters are all doing well. The dogs have a long overdue appointment to be neutered. This will make all of us very happy, including them as they currently spend a regular 2 weeks whining, pacing, shivering and crying when the neighbors dogs go into heat. Our chickens are giving us a daily tribute of eggs and several roosters have been sold on to have their own harems.
Erik the cart goat to be is growing and learning voice commands. Dryna survived a nasty dog attack and so we won't train her to pull. She has healed remarkably well but I see no reason to strain her. She may still earn her keep though. She was exposed to a Nigerian buck. We hadn't planned to breed her but if she took I'll be happy and if she didn't I'll be happy. When she was injured the vet had told us that she'd still be good for breeding as the injury was to the thigh muscle - he had never heard of a cart goat. So we're just taking a wait-and-see approach. We'll know if she starts getting huge in June 

It is approaching spring and our incubator is full. We started seeds a touch too early and lost them to a frost. If I don't get on restarting them quick it will be pushing too late. It gets hot here quick!

You know you live in the country when; get paid in manure.
  I helped a friend clean out her goat barn and got paid with a truckload of partially composted goat berries. We were able to back the truck right up to the garden and dump it. I'm so excited! Ahhh, ways to increase garden fertility is a good, good thing. We are all very much looking forward to the garden this year.