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Monday, August 22, 2011

Goodbye boys.

  Is what Smiley is saying today, because tomorrow his "boys" are leaving.

  The vet is seeing us first thing in the morning, and Smiley gets to spend the day and be made eligible to go on petfinder. Katie is getting a check-up and shots and we may take an xray to get a guess on how many puppies are in there and we're going to have a nice long talk about care of her from now till The Big Day, and just how The Big Day should go.
  We'll probably try to schedule a c-section with me ready to take her temperature constantly to see if I need to rush her in before the appt.

  I'm really excited for Smiley. This is a big step towards getting him placed. I can not emphasize enough what a good dog he is. I'm not looking to place him so fast because I don't like him - because I like him a LOT. But bringing an older, larger, intact male into the home of 2 other intact males, while not impossible, does have it's tense moments. Smiley is an amazing dog and there have been no real issues, which is a testament to what a cool guy he is.
  But it makes Handsome and Punkin tense. They are not entirely settled to the idea that sometimes dogs have loud conversations just like people can, but dogs converse with their bodies and it can be dramatic to watch. Not that there's been any fighting, just some loud voices and hip checks and posturing. But I have to throw the people out of the room so the dogs get a chance to finish their conversation.
  Because the worst thing you can do is interrupt them. If there's no blood (and besides body checks no one even touched) let them have it out. For the non-doggy people, imagine it like this, you're minding your own, and someone comes and does something rude or inconsiderate. Like say cutting in line.
 You get as far as "Hey nimrod! I'm standing here, what are you cutting in line for?!" when someone grabs you and drags you off, or worse, grabs both of you and makes you sit down next to each other and "be friends" and punishes you for speaking.
  Next time you see that person, the first thing you're going to think is "That's the JERK who cut in line and then got me in trouble!"

  You never got to get to the part of the conversation that follows;  "Hey nimrod! I'm standing here, what are you cutting in line for?!"
  "Easy buddy, I didn't see you there, ease up a little, will you"
  "I really hate when people cut me"
  "Well just go ahead, it's no big deal, ok."
  When you get to finish the conversation, you may not be all buddy-buddy with the person, but you're not going to want to punch him in the nose.

  Currently, I need to explain this to the humans of the household 3 times a day, minimum, and they get all tense when all the dogs are together, making the dogs get tense and wonder what's up. Or keep the dogs separate. Getting a crate for the humans is sadly not a viable option.

It's a lot for me to deal with, on top of the fact that Katie is going to be here for so long and there's going to be some unexpected re-arranging of the household around her. So getting Smiley some people is top priority.

And Smiley really deserves a kid or three of his very own.

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